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Data Science Specialization

Data Science Specialization

About Data Science Specialization @ SysIIT

The emerging data economy has unlocked a myriad of opportunities in data. At the forefront is an insatiable need for data scientists. To put it simply, data scientists analyze data for actionable insight. In order to complete this task, data scientists engage in an array of activities such as collecting large sets of unstructured and structured data, cleaning and validating data for accuracy and uniformity, devising and applying algorithms and models to mine large datasets, and much more. This course equips students with a comprehensive toolkit necessary to become a Data Scientist. Level up your resume with in-demand data science skills, like Statistical Analysis, Data Transformation with Python, Advanced Statistical Analysis using R, Data Visualization in Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and sci-kit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow.

Enrollment Qualifications

The following qualifications describe ideal candidates. Candidates who do not meet these requirements may qualify by interview & testing.
* Bachelors Degree in Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or Business (preferred)

* Industry experience in Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Data Entry, Logistics Coordination, Order Processing, Sales Management or Marketing Management (preferred)

What You'll Learn

* Data Science techniques using two of the world's most popular programming languages
* Python & R and tools available in them for gathering, cleaning, visualizing & analyzing data.
* How to pre-process data in databases like SQL, MySQL, Azure
* Understand the mathematics behind Machine Learning
* Coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis
* Create Machine Learning algorithms in Python
* Explore core concepts in data visualization using Tableau
* Unfold the power of Deep Neural networks
* How to implement AI workloads on Azure

The SysIntelligence Advantage

SysIntelligence Institute of Technology maintains a focus on both training students and, landing them their dream job. For this reason, we carefully craft our curriculums and student amenities to help us achieve this goal. Here’s what’s in it for you:

* Expertly Designed Curriculum, Optimized for Canadian IT Job Market
* Beginner-Friendly & Hands-On Curriculum
* Access to Video Recordings of Lectures
* 24/7 Virtual Lab Access
* Passionate, Industry-Leading Staff Members
* Resume-building, Optimized for Canadian IT Job Market
* Technical & Non-Technical Interview Preparation & 1-on-1 Coaching
* 100% Job Placement Assistance

Download our course brochure to view the full curriculum. 

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